Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feeding on Knowledge or Trash

"A wise person is hungry for knowledge, while the fool feeds on trash" Proverbs 15:14 (NLT)

I love learning and increasing my knowledge. I am often teased about being in school at "my age" and asked if I am ever going to finish. My answer is no, as there is so much to learn.

Yet, I need to be discerning with what I am learning. Knowledge is investigation.I need to question principles and those instructing with the biblical truths. Is is truthful, wholesome, bearing fruit within me?

More, I need to look at myself and see how I am feeding. Am I reading material that will help me grow in my spiritual walk? Am I watching wholesome shows? What am I listening to? Do I need to rid of anything that isn't religious? No. However, I do need to be careful of my choices.

And then, what I am doing with my knowledge? Right now, I am on a path that the Lord has been taking me, step by step. It is a path that often frustrates me, is very time consuming, and yet any veering off, is quickly pointed out. The Lord wants me at this stage to learn, from there He will lead me as to what I am to do with the knowledge.

So, what are you feeding on today?