Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Resolutions and Bucket Lists

As the New Year has rolled in, there is a lot of talk (written chatter, really) of resolutions. I have never been much of a “resolution setter”, finding the task as tedious as writing out a daily to-do list. I’m not much for dreams, preferring goals instead. My belief for all of this is that resolutions are steps to take to achieve goals; goals are dreams with feet on them.

However, I have maintained a bucket list for many years before the idea was made popular by the movie, “The Bucket List”. Many things on the list have been realized, some through gifts from my husband, such as sky-diving experience, a hot air balloon ride, my first flight in going after my pilot’s license. Some items on list have occurred with help from others, such as singing a duet with my dad, leading a Bible study. Other items on list have been through my own work, such as writing an editorial. Some desires on the list are on-going: visiting all 50 states (only 7 more to go), writing a devotional book.

One item on the list is bound with a dream: continuing my education. Never had I put where to stop with this one, never expecting really to achieve a MBA or further education. Within this rather ubiquitous goal is the dream held tightly, of one day obtaining a doctorate. In a few days I begin my third year in a doctorate of business administration program. I continually find myself amazed to be here. Yet, a few weeks back when Chris asked me what my next doctorate will be in, I gave an answer without even hesitating or taking time to think, confident that I will finish this first DBA. That confidence is not arrogance rather comes from the foundation and the building blocks that have enabled me to be at this place- from God directing my steps.

You see, God has given and is giving me this goal, is taking me on this journey. He has promised me that “As I go forward step by step, the way will be opened for me.” (Proverbs 4:12) And so, I press on knowing and believing that “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13).

So, a resolution for this year? To continue this journey, doing my best, relying fully on Him.

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