Sunday, December 12, 2010

Shine Brightly for Christ

I love seeing a star-filled sky. There is something majestic at seeing those lights shine.

During the Christmas season, shining brightly is often heard. The lights shine bright, the star shone all around us, etc..In Philippians 2, Paul admonishes us to shine brightly for Christ. He provides us guidance in order that we may shine. We are to “obey God with deep reverence and fear, do everything without complaining and arguing, live clean innocent lives, and hold firmly to the word of life”.

Father, I pray that during this Christmas season that I may shine brightly for Christ. I pray that all the frustration the season can bring will be diminished by knowing the true light, the true star of the season, Jesus Christ. Thank you for the giving the gift of the true light. Amen

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