Sunday, October 31, 2010

Voting Thoughts

In light of the upcoming election..

Elections. Politics. In our house, one is not allowed to complain about most anything unless they vote. Just a standing rule that needs no prodding to be enforced; we all love to complain too much to let such a simple thing stop us.

I’m not as concerned with politics as others in the family. I know what I believe and the direction I want our country, our state, our county, our town to go. Living in this state for just over a year, I am not as politically suave as I was in the last state I resided. However, I do know that those who have been in office have had their chance to make a difference; time to go. I do know that I cannot afford any more taxes, levies, or other such things; a cut-off must be made. Since I have to do with less, unfortunately so are others. Ripples affect more than just one.

It is a privilege to vote, it is a duty to vote, it is my right. And to live in my household, it is necessary for survival- I just can’t keep my mouth shut for another year or two.

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