Sunday, October 31, 2010

Smart or Due Diligence

It time to share something that troubles me and to clear the air.

Currently, I am enrolled in a doctoral program, having finished with 11 classes, 5 more to go before starting the dissertation process pending passing the GRE. When people find out or talk to me about the program or that I am even in the program, invariably I am told how smart I am. But this statement is false. I have grades from my undergraduate studies, even less than stellar grades in the MBA program that testify to the false accusation. True, my current grades in the doctoral program are high; they have to be to stay in the program. However, I earn these grades through due diligence. I spend anywhere from 40 to 80 hours a week in research, analytical processes, writing of countless papers (average of 3 papers a week and responding to classmates’ papers with at least one full page response that must be factual using peer-reviewed articles to validate my analyses) and hours of frustration, prayer and tears. Smart, no- just hours of hard work that I am privileged to do on this journey that God is taking me on (hm… wonder if it is just for His humor….).

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