Sunday, July 25, 2010

Attributes of God

Reading along in the One Year Chronological Bible (NLT) for today, I saw the many attributes of God. The readings were in Isaiah, a prophetic book, chapters 48:12-52:12.

He is:
1st and last (48:12)
Sovereign (48:16)
Redeemer (48:17/ 49:7/52:9)
Holy (48:17/ 49:7)
teacher (48:17)
leads (48:17)
creator (49:5)
merciful (49:10)
comforter (49:13)
fights for us (49:25)
Mighty one (49:26)
rescue-er (50)
giver of justice (51:4)
powerful (52:6)
protector (52:12)

All that and He claims me! I am His through the blood shed by Jesus Christ!

Thank you Father, being all that you are, and yet, you claim me, you care for and about me.

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