Monday, May 31, 2010

Remembering and Giving Thanks on Memorial Day

May today we remember all those who have served and are serving this great country. Thank you for your sacrifice, your devotion, your service.
May we also remember the families who have stood beside, who have lost a loved one that served, and who are sacrificing today so their loved one can serve. Thank you!
Thanking especially today my husband and brother who have served, my son-in-law and nephew for serving, and my daughter as she stands beside her husband supporting our son-in-law as he serves. Also a big thanks to other family members who are serving, and have served: uncles and cousins.


  1. Thanks for remembering Memorial Day as more than hot dogs and mall sales. Your cousin Mike put six 4 ft flags in our front yard and each had a yellow ribbon and name of a soldier killed in Iraq. I thought a lot about Uncle Frank, Uncle Charles and Mike's brother Bob who served in Nam. I remembered the day we visited The Wall in Feb in DC and it was so cold that the tears froze on our faces. I also though about our cousins Dave and Joyce Van Vleet who visit the graves of Frank and Mildred every Memorial Day, Your Cousin who is grateful for each person who has served

  2. I popped over here from Laced with Grace. I am joining you in thanks to the individuals who have sacrificed in the service of our country. Thanks for your post.

    Living for Him, Joan