Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Neologism: What Constitutes Real Words

Today more than ever, there is an increase in neologism. It has been a part of the advertising world forever, but with the advent and increase use of texting, it has proliferated within the general population. Frankly, it drives me nuts and shows I am reticent to change. I question the veracity of such words as maxxinista, shopportunistic, and blingatude. Some such words are found only in the Urban dictionary; they have not yet made it through the arduous process to be added to Webster’s dictionary. Lenin once said, “If you want to destroy a society, corrupt the language.”

I can only wish that these types of words are destined to ubiquity. For me, the struggle to learn words that are “more scholarly” is challenge enough without having to learn words of subcultures that prefer to make up words rather than learn ones that could be used.

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  1. I can so relate. I'm having enough trouble trying to learn the text-message language the new generation has made. LOL, Laught out loud, ROFL, Roll on the floor laughter, BRB, Be right Back, and one that stumped me for ages, IMHO In my honest opinion. Still trying to learn the others...